• Part Time studies allow you to continue earning an income while learning a new skill.
  • When studying part time, you can increase performance in the work place as you are able to apply what you are learning immediately.
  • Part Time studies are usually more affordable as fees are directly related to the contact time required of you.
  • Part Time studies excuse you from having to pay a loan for tertiary education, as you are able to pay as you learn.
  • When you study Part Time you can continue with external commitments like family whilst upskilling yourself.
  • Part Time studies enable you to validate your experience with a formal qualification whilst staying up to date with industry.
  • You will typically attend 8 -12 hours class per week.
  • Class times are fixed per year. So, you will be able to plan your schedule around these times.
  • Classes are typically scheduled between 09h00 – 13h00 (for parents), 17h30 – 21h30 (for the working force)

This qualification provides an introduction to the architectural profession and its role within the broader context of the Built Environment. The qualification will enable students to further their studies in the architectural profession. Read More

This qualification prepares you to advise clients with regard to the organisation of interior spaces, the wall finishing and coverings, the colour scheme and accessories for commercial and domestic interior decorating projects. Read More

This access programme applies to design disciplines including fashion, interior, graphic, multimedia, jewellery, industrial, product, spatial, ideation and environmental design. Students acquire competencies required to progress in a career in design. Read More

This qualification introduces you to the fashion world through a broad spectrum of educational experiences associated with apparel design, visual merchandising, and garment construction, in an environment that is both creatively and intellectually stimulating.
 Read More

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