• Study full time and experience student life at its best.
  • When committing to full time studies you are able to complete a qualification in the minimum time allowed for the programme.
  • Full-Time students are eligible for bursaries and scholarships more so than Part Time students.
  • When you study a Full Time qualification you are usually able to focus your full attention on your studies.
  • You can expect to attend classes for 16 – 20 hours per week and complete as many hours independently conducting research and completing assignments.
  • Your timetable may change from time to time (typically per quarter or semester) to accommodate subject changes, lecturer changes and requirements of the programme. Your life will revolve around your timetable.

Interior Design is about planning environments for people and how they live and work, by considering their psychological, emotional and physical needs. Read More

Design for the environment considers the future needs of our world for the benefit of its people. Sustainability and Green Design form an ever-growing and vital market within the built environment. Read More

This qualification provides an introduction to the architectural profession and its role within the broader context of the Built Environment. The qualification will enable students to further their studies in the architectural profession. Read More

Junior Interior Designers with this qualification are proficient in CAD and rendering software. They are clued up on relevant industry materials and services, as well as related construction methods, application and installation. Read More

This qualification prepares you  to advise clients with regard to the organisation of interior spaces, the wall finishing and coverings, the colour scheme and accessories for commercial and domestic interior decorating projects. Read More

Graphic Designers create meaningful, relevant and captivating visual messages. They are able to persuade, sell and brand for their clients, never forgetting ethical, legal and consumer needs. Read More

Fashion Designers define individuals, communities, cultures and sub-cultures through the creative use of textiles. They understand current trends and the way people use clothing to express their humanity and individuality. Read More

Junior Graphic Designers with this qualification effectively use and manage relevant graphic design technology. This includes designing and preparing designs for reproduction using software applications and managing reproduction processes. Read More

This access programme applies to design disciplines including fashion, interior, graphic, multimedia, jewellery, industrial, product, spatial, ideation and environmental design. Students acquire competencies required to progress in a career in design. Read More

This qualification prepares you to advise clients with regard to the organisation of interior spaces, the wall finishing and coverings, the colour scheme and accessories for commercial and domestic interior decorating projects. Read More

Jewellery Designers translate cultural meaning and individual values into beautiful tangible objects through traditional visualisation techniques fused with new technologies, to understand market needs, social dynamics and business success. Read More

An idea generator understands global issues and wants to debate them. They are curiously intellectual, highly collaborative and good at communicating to identify needs and requirements, define strategy and solve problems for clients. Read More

Modern day Marketers integrate the traditional principles of marketing with technology to communicate messages in a rapidly changing environment through innovative design thinking and an understanding of design fundamentals 
 Read More

Interaction designers develop cohesive systems that deeply impact people’s lives. Systems design (UX) and human-computer interactive interface design are relatively new and progressive professions. Read More

Audio Visual Design students fuse powerful visual messages through the conceptual and technical blending of sound and motion design to influence viewer behaviour in the production industry. Read More

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