Design and Creativity is the science of solving problems in an original manner to lead, make change and improve a given situation or system. Our world is defined by systems and situations that are often communicated externally resulting in visual trends, fashion and imagery. 

The Faculty of Design and Creativity emphasises the value of visual communication through various end products using design thinking as a basis and technology as a tool. Accredited qualifications currently offered in this faculty include; Bachelor of Design (Graphic Design) and (Fashion Design) and (Jewellery Design), Diploma in Graphic Design and Higher Certificate in (Design Techniques) and (Fashion Design)

Graphic Designers create meaningful, relevant and captivating visual messages. They are able to persuade, sell and brand for their clients, never forgetting ethical, legal and consumer needs. Read More

Fashion Designers define individuals, communities, cultures and sub-cultures through the creative use of textiles. They understand current trends and the way people use clothing to express their humanity and individuality. Read More

This access programme applies to design disciplines including fashion, interior, graphic, multimedia, jewellery, industrial, product, spatial, ideation and environmental design. Students acquire competencies required to progress in a career in design. Read More

Junior Graphic Designers with this qualification effectively use and manage relevant graphic design technology. This includes designing and preparing designs for reproduction using software applications and managing reproduction processes. Read More

This qualification prepares you  to advise clients with regard to the organisation of interior spaces, the wall finishing and coverings, the colour scheme and accessories for commercial and domestic interior decorating projects. Read More

Jewellery Designers translate cultural meaning and individual values into beautiful tangible objects through traditional visualisation techniques fused with new technologies, to understand market needs, social dynamics and business success. Read More

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