Business is changing. Traditional methodologies are being revised. The world is looking for a new definition of how we conduct our working world. Understanding of organisational structure and management of people, processes and product are key but it is creativity, design thinking, innovation and technology that will drive our economy and provide a platform for addressing the challenges and opportunities our world presents now and in the future. 

The Faculty of Business Communication focusses on the inter-connectedness of a new age business environment. Accredited qualifications currently offered in this faculty include; Bachelor of Design (Ideation Design) and (Marketing and Communication Design)

An idea generator understands global issues and wants to debate them. They are curiously intellectual, highly collaborative and good at communicating to identify needs and requirements, define strategy and solve problems for clients. Read More

Modern day Marketers integrate the traditional principles of marketing with technology to communicate messages in a rapidly changing environment through innovative design thinking and an understanding of design fundamentals 
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