The term built environment is used when referring to those surroundings created for humans, by humans, and to be used for human activity. The study of the built environment is interdisciplinary in nature and can include such disciplines as: visual arts, architecture, engineering, urban planning, history, interior design, industrial design, geography, environmental studies and anthropology and sociology.

The Faculty of the Built Environment focusses on the design and development and maintenance of the Built Environment. Accredited qualifications currently offered in this faculty include; Bachelor of Design (Interior Design) and (Environmental Design), Diploma in Interior Design and Higher Certificate in Architectural Technology

Interior Design is about planning environments for people and how they live and work, by considering their psychological, emotional and physical needs. Read More

Design for the environment considers the future needs of our world for the benefit of its people. Sustainability and Green Design form an ever-growing and vital market within the built environment. Read More

This qualification provides an introduction to the architectural profession and its role within the broader context of the Built Environment. The qualification will enable students to further their studies in the architectural profession. Read More

Junior Interior Designers with this qualification are proficient in CAD and rendering software. They are clued up on relevant industry materials and services, as well as related construction methods, application and installation. Read More

This qualification prepares you  to advise clients with regard to the organisation of interior spaces, the wall finishing and coverings, the colour scheme and accessories for commercial and domestic interior decorating projects. Read More

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